Radio Cómeme

Following on from the creation of Cómeme label, Matias Aguayo together with Avril Ceballos founded Radio Cómeme in 2012. It was created out of the need to share and propose reflections on music. The aim is to aid in breaking down cultural barriers.

Radio Cómeme broadcast regular shows from radio’s ‘residents’ as well as special shows from Santiago de Chile, London, Buenos Aires, Berlin, Medellin, Madrid, Cologne, Valparaíso, Glasgow, Chicago, Tromsø and many other cities globally.

Radio Cómeme is a reflection of the vast network which the label Cómeme has gathered from around the world, all of this music lovers, DJ's, producers, selectors, collectors and music agitators have a lot to tell and unique treasures to share! For the love of music, expand your music knowledge.