Frequently Asked Questions

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How do you define online radio?

Online radio is radio that is made available over the internet, typically accessible globally over multiple devices - from laptop to smartphone, IP connected radio to connected TV and beyond. For the purposes of these awards, online radio shows and stations are those whose predominant means of distribution is via the internet.

How do I get involved?

If you have a radio show or radio station, you can nominate yourself and ask your listeners to nominate you. The amount of nominations you receive will be taken into consideration when producing the shortlists so we encourage you to do both! You can find the latest version of our logo and guidelines here.

If you are a listener, get involved by nominating the shows and stations you love. After the submission period has ended, you will also get the chance to vote for your favorite finalists from the handpicked shortlists. The finalists with the most number of votes will win our new Listeners' Choice Award.

What are the eligibility criteria to enter?

The focus of these awards is on independent shows and stations whose primary means of distribution is via the internet.

For example, if you are an independent station with a local broadcast as well as an online presence, you are eligible. However if you are a large commercial station with millions of terrestrial listeners and a supplementary online presence, you are not eligible.

For radio shows, if you have an independent show that is available online and syndicated to terrestrial radio stations, you are eligible. However if your show is primarily produced for terrestrial broadcast, you are not eligible.

Our panel of expert judges will discuss the nominations and decide the eventual winners. All the partners for the awards are involved in a completely impartial and independent capacity, and their shows will not be eligible for any awards.

Can I submit a nomination that is not available on Mixcloud?

Yes. The Mixcloud Online Radio Awards is open to all independent online radio, whether it is already available on Mixcloud or not.

If you're not already on Mixcloud, then we encourage you to join the millions of other creators who use our platform every day!

How many times can I submit a nomination?

You can enter as many shows and stations in as many categories as you want. However do not enter the same show or station more than once - we will be able to tell from the results and remove any spam nominations.

How will it be judged and what are the important dates?

The finalists for each shortlist will be selected by Mixcloud. These shortlists will then go to a panel of industry judges who will pick a winner for each category. During this judging period, fans will also get the chance to vote for their favorite finalists from the shortlists. The finalists with the most number of votes will win the Listener's Choice award.

Key dates:

  1. Nominations for shortlists: deadline at 23.59 (UK) on Thurs 26th April 2018
  2. Shortlists announced: Thurs 10th May 2018
  3. Judging period and public voting: closes at 23:59 (UK) on Thurs 20th May 2018
  4. Winners announced: Thurs 31st May 2018